Caalun Dotharl

Caalun Dotharl


Race:Au Ra
Birthplace:Azim Steppe
Height:61 ilms
Weight:115 ponze
Eye Colour:Yellow
Hair Colour:White
Relationship Status:Single
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Other Features:Caluun has bright yellow limbal rings, blue skin, white hear, and a small thin frame. Their body language often exudes aggression and they can appear fairly intimidating.
Personality:Caalun is typical Dotharl, They're confident to the point of cockiness, guarded to the point of being intimidating, and strong willed to the point of stubbornness. They value being direct in conversation but speaks softly and shyly with those she admires. Their attitde is best described as "Domme in the streets, sub in the sheets."
Kinks:F-list (nsfw)


A renowned pyromancer from the Dotharl tribe, Caalun is relentless and cunning in combat, standoffish when meeting people for the first time, but is warm with the few friends they have.

Their childhood was one of difficulty. Being the reincarnation of a fierce warrior, and having shown proficiency in fire magics at a young age, they often had a difficult time fitting in with other children, gaining a reputation as a loner in her childhood that preferred solitary study. As their studies became more difficult, their ostracization and lack of social skills was seen as more of a boon by the elders. They had the appearance of dedication, all while suffering from crippling lonliness and questions about their gender.

After witnessing some of the bullying and abuses another queer dotharl faced, Caalun realized it was no longer safe in the Steppe and embarked to Eorzea where they could be free to experiment with their femininity.

Caalun has been living out and proud for several months now, having built up a small network of friends and supporters in Eorzea. They have begun to study thaumaturgy properly through the advice of the guild in the hopes of being able to defend themselves and to wreak havoc on those who wish to harm them.