Final Fantasy XIV Characters:

Nayumi Nagase

Nayumi Nagase


Race:Au Ra
Height:61 ilms
Weight:112 ponze
Eye Colour:Green
Hair Colour:Black
Gender:Trans Woman
Relationship Status:Engaged
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Other Features:Nayumi is tall and built for a Raen, with broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a wide waist. She often appears rough around the edges and prefers unisex clothing and armour to dresses and skirts, at least publically as she lacks confidence in her body.
Personality:Yumi is a gruff swearing machine. She's often very nice to those she first meets but can turn nasty in the blink of an eye if she feels slighted, ignored, or like someone is taking advantage of her. She's fairly street smart but her cockiness and pride often get in the way of her grifts.


Nayumi is the oldest of three daughters. Born to a well-connected criminal in Kugane, though she was scarcely aware of her father's profession until much later, her upbringing was difficult. Her father would constantly take his anger out on Nayumi's mother though he often left the girls alone. Nayumi especially was a favourite of his, seeing her as his eventual heir he brought her to the bars and inns of the city sometimes while conducting business, and taught her how to conduct herself, how to play cards, and how to take care of business.

When Nayumi was sixteen, her father's body was found floating in the harbour, mutilated beyond all recognition except for the signet ring he wore. Despondent, Nayumi's mother decided the best choice would be to flee to the mainland. "Even if it's under imperial control, it's safer than Kugane" she thought. Yumi on the other hand thought this idea was stupid and tries to convince her mother to flee to Eorzea. With the two butting heads, her mother told Nayumi that if she wanted to go west that she was free to and being a cocky teenager she did just that, parting her family for Limsa.

Things were difficult when the first arrived but knowing how to play cards she soon began hustling sailors an tourists, earning enough to make a living. After a few close run ints with the yellow jackets, she decided to go straight and find a proper job. Since she had no education and no skills, the only work she could find was with the malestrom and so she became a soldier.