N'yumi Nunh

N'yumi Nunh


Subrace:Seeker of the Sun
Height:63.5 ilms
Weight:132 ponze
Eye Colour:Yellow
Hair Colour:Black
Gender:Trans Woman
Relationship Status:Open Relationship
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Other Features:A Lalafell once called her "swole." She's muscular and trim, with long dark blue hair and piercing brown eyes. She often stands legs apart and walks tall like she has some place to be. Yumi is tall for a Miqo'te, small compared to most other folks she meet, but has often has a presence or aura about her that brings her attention.
Personality:Yumi is brash and to the point. She speaks in a very simple and plain way, often favouring more direct language than flowery language and politeness. Often is quicker to anger than others, especially when she's frustrated. Lastly, she's a bit naive. Not being raised in Eorzea she doesn't quite understand the customs of the locals and often takes speech at face value.
Kinks:F-list (nsfw)


N'yumi was born a member of the Aldgoat tribe. From a young age she was trained in the ways of the axe by her elders and learned to fight and hunt for the tribe, soon earning a reputation as a fierce fighter and someone the tribe could rely on in combat. While on the surface Yumi seemed to have everything well in hand, she found herself struggling with her identity and the social norms thrust upon.

As she entered her twenties, her friends urged her to challenge one of the elder nunhs and take her place near the top of the tribe. She resisted at first, claiming she had other things on her mind or her role as a hunter was more important, but soon ran out of excuses. The pressures began to build and folks in her tribe began to question her sexuality, her virility, and her mental fortitude, so she issued her challenge and won.

Being recognized as a leader and a breeder, the young woman began to numb the pain and ignore her feelings by dipping into the carnal pleasures. Every night was a new woman and a new bottle of spirits. She drank and fucked her way through her twenties, hoping her feelings about her gender would be numbed and subside. "Was just a phase, every kid must have these thoughts." It wasn't though, and as she approached her thirties she knew she'd have to deal with it sooner or later.

It took one of her friends, a Tia of the tribe coming out to her, for it to finally click in her brain. She confessed she'd also questioned her gender and wished she'd have been born a woman. The two shared an evening and the next day came out together. At first it was simply awkward with the other tribes-folk but soon became hostile as Yumi was being worn down emotionally and physically.

Late one night the two trans women decided leave their miserable tribe behind and flee to Eorzea.