J'talhdi Wijixa

J'talhdi Wijixa


Subrace:Seeker of the Sun
Height:59 ilms
Weight:123 ponze
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Red
Gender:Cis Woman
Relationship Status:Engaged & Polyamorous
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Other Features:She's a bit chubby with a prominent belly. She also has a pierced belly button that is visible when wearing revealing or sheer clothing.
Personality:Talhd is confident and direct. While she shows respect for the comfort and pace of others, when something needs to be done she likes to get to the point quickly and resolve any issues as soon as possible.


Talhdi is a practicing physician and former member of Maelstrom. She was born in gyr abania shortly before the imperial conquest of Ala Mhigo and the surrounding lands. Her mother was a healer and trader for the tribe and thus had little time for her daughter. What time she did have was spent teaching Tal about the basics of aether manipulation, how to create simple potions, and how to read.

Her childhood was difficult. Imperial occupation meant that her tribe was under constant threat both externally and internally. The empire was not fond of the tribal miqo'te and began to encroach on their lands. Because of this several members left the tribe to join the resistance. As their numbers began to dwindle, a power struggle began over the direction of the current Nunh as well as his relaxed breeding policies.

Shortly after her sixteenth nameday, she and some of the other girls fled. They knew if they stayed they would be used as nothing more than breeding stock and that the fate of the tribe did not hinge solely on their ability to produce children but rather on escaping the empire. After several weeks, the group of women made it to Gridania where they would seek refuge.

While some chose to stay in the shroud, Tal however would make her way to Limsa Lominsa. Having had an aptitude for magic and an interest in knowledge, she joined the arcanist guild where she honed her craft and became the bookish nerd she is today.