Breine Chatelfort

Breine Chatelfort


Height:78 ilms
Weight:190 ponze
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Black
Gender:Trans Woman
Relationship Status:Single
Alignment:Neutral Good
Other Features:Breine is extremely tall, well built, and elegant. She has dark skin, blue hair, and blue eyes. She looks more duskwight than ishgardian.
Personality:Breine is kind to most folks, especially those who are small and look like they need protecting. She hates authority, especially unjust authorities, seeing them as tools of oppression.
Kinks:F-list (nsfw)


The daughter of an ishgardian soldier and a duskwight chirugeon, Breine found herself always on the outside of the city she called home. She was often the subject of ridicule and teasing because of the colour of her skin and the fact that she was a half-blood. Her family was neither rich nor powerful, and her father was away constantly, this meant that Breine had to learn how to protect herself and protect herself she did.

She studied the movements of the knights as they trained, mimicking the movements and practicing them with a wooden sword until she could afford a proper one. She helped merchants and traders move their wares for free, as it would allow her to build her strength. Her mother taught her how to control aether and how to heal minor wounds, should any of her bullies ever try something. By the time she was ten summers old, she was much stronger than any of her peers and the bullying ceased. From this, Breine learned that the threat of strength was often enough to not only deter weak minded and petty bullies but other threats.

As she grew older, this lesson stuck with her. She would keep training and gaining in strength but never felt the need to use it. Whenever she or her friends were bullied, she merely needed to stand and stare imposingly and they would relent.