N'Tajha Tia

N'Tajha Tia


Subrace:Seeker of the Sun
Height:60 ilms
Weight:98 ponze
Eye Colour:Green
Hair Colour:Dirty Blonde
Gender:Trans Woman
Relationship Status:Single
Alignment:Lawful Good
Other Features:Taj is a slim, slender, very feminine miqo'te. Her skin is sun-kissed but looks extremely soft and her bright green eyes contrast with it.
Personality:Taj is more on the meek and quiet side. She's untrusting of strangers but tries her hardest to smile and offer them warmth even if she's planning for the worse.
Kinks:F-list (nsfw)


Taj was born an aldgoat, the daughter of a chirugeon and a particularly cunning nunh. Like Yumi she was trained to be a fighter but unlike her friend she was never particularly good at it, instead choosing to watch her mother and study her movements. The girl soon developed an understanding and control of aether, something that set her apart from her friends and peers and caused her to be ostracized.

Seeing her daughter suffer, Taj's mother set up a playdate with one of her friend's children, Yumi. Their friendship was slow to bloom, Yumi preferring to hang out with some of the more popular children while Taj was bullied for being a loner, a mama's girl, a bit too queer. One afternoon some boys decided to jump Taj and give her a beating. Luckily Yumi saw this and immediately stepped in, protecting her friend from the fists before dealing some damage of her own. From this point they were inseparable.

As the years passed and the two grew closer, rumours began to stir about their sexuality. Yumi paid these no mind, dismissing these rumours as bullies trying to get under their skin, until one night Taj was found kissing a boy. The news shocked and upset Yumi at first, finding out her friend was 'gay'. For a few weeks she avoided Taj until she eventually realized that it would take more to ruin their friendship. Yumi accepted Taj for who she was and this would not be the last time.

In their mid twenties, Yumi now a Nunh and Taj a complacent Tia were drinking together one night. Several pints deep, Taj did something that would change the nature of their relationship. She leaned in and whispered something in Yumi's ear. "I- I want to be a girl." She told the Nunh about her feelings, her desires, the clothes she made herself and wore in private, how she wanted to be strong like her mother. Yumi's mind racing and her heart pounding as she listened, not sure what to make of this. The voices in her head told her to slap some sense into Taj but her heart accepted her friend. Yumi closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her friend, she chose to listen to her heart.

It didn't take long for the two to become a dirty little secret, a hushed rumour between members of the tribe. They already enjoyed eachother's company but the sex, it was on a whole other level. Intimate and passionate but rough, a Nunh breeding an unbreedable girl, the girl she loved, the girl she felt more closer to than ever. As the months passed Yumi became more inquisitive, curious how her friend's feelings manifested, how she knew she was a girl, how she became so feminine. Though she ignored it, the writing was on the wall and one night Yumi told Taj, "I'm trans, just like you." Just like that, the relationship was over.

Taj was proud of her friend and supportive but as Yumi became more feminine, changed her name, dyed her hair, and came out to the tribe, she found herself less attracted to the once masculine nunh. Furthermore, it painted a target on both of their backs. Suddenly they were stared at, questioned, avoided. Yumi was the target of Tias trying to take her title by any means necessary. Knowing this wouldn't stop til the two were dead they got together one last time under the cover of night and fled the tribe.

They arrived in Limsa with very little food and no money. Yumi managed to do just enough odd jobs that they could afford a small tent outside of city limits as the two found suitable work. Taj ended up being a bar wench while Yumi became a courier. One day Yumi took a job, a shipment to Ul'dah, and never returned. For months, Taj didn't know where her friend went. Every week a courier would deliver a bag of gil from yumi and every week he'd refuse to tell her where he came from. After months Taj couldn't take it anymore and offered to suck the courier's dick for the information. Seven minutes later she was aboard an airship, on a mission to find her friend and to start a new life in the Jewel of the Desert.