Natsume Chosai

Natsume Chosai


Race:Au Ra
Weight:107 ponze
Eye Colour:Red
Hair Colour:Blonde
Gender:Trans Woman
Relationship Status:Polyamorous
Alignment:Lawful Good
Other Features:Nat is a short, skinny raen, with long blonde hair, smallish breasts, and large hips. Her eyes are red with crimson limbal rings.
Personality:Natsume is a shy, modest woman, who grows more open the longer a relationship persists. She can lack a bit of emotion sometimes and have trouble reading certain situations, but she makes it all work.
Kinks:F-list (nsfw)


Natsume is the daughter of a merchant and a seamstress. Being born into wealth, she became accustomed from a young age to high society and, although she found she didn't fit in with the other children, she became fluent in the customs and manners one would expect from nobility.

Since her father was often handling the storefronts or travelling on business she became quite close to her mother, often spending her says watching her mother work and learning the trade. When she was in her early teens, Natsume told her mother that she didn't feel like herself wearing more masculine styles and asked her mother to make her a beautiful dress, something the other girls would wear. Her mother agreed and began making Natsume elegant attire.

When the issue was brought to her father he did what any father should do, he hired an alchemist to create tinctures that would delay the raen's puberty until the time she could safely start estrogen proper. Not long after, the young woman changed her name and began dressing femme full time. She started playing piano and singing, her vocal range rivalling that of many of the cis girls she knew. She made friends, dated, and enjoyed her teens to the fullest.

When it came time to decide what she wanted to do with her life she chose to pursue music, leaving her home and moving to Ul'dah to learn western baroque and classical music. She found an alchemist to provide her with estrogen and began her puberty in proper. She also had an operation to remove her testes so she would no longer need to take blockers.

Still a student, Natsume is living comfortably in Ul'dah, enjoying the fine drinks and foods the city has to offer.