Keziah Porter

Keziah Porter


Height:67 ilms
Weight:126 ponze
Eye Colour:Brown
Hair Colour:Brown
Gender:Trans Woman
Relationship Status:Open Relationship
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Other Features:Keziah is very tall and very refined. She takes great pride in her makeup and grooming, trying to keep her hair and eyebrows as perfect as they can be. She's also very muscular under her often modest clothing.
Personality:Keziah is often soft and polite but can be terse when she needs to be. Her public image is one of a hardworking and no-nonsense business woman but when she's not on the clock she losens up and becomes a bit of a chatty gossip.
Kinks:F-list (nsfw)


Keziah is the daughter of a limsan merchant. She grew up in the city and was very fond of its beaches and water. Her father always expected that she would follow in his footsteps and become a merchant, but she had other plants. On her eighteenth birthday she took some of the money her parents had been saving for her education and moved to Ul'dah.

She was immediately captivated by the city, especially its arts and culture. For a time she was unable to find a steady job, being forced to live off of her parents savings, but finally after a few months of searching, she found a job as a fact checker with the Mythril Eye.

Keziah, having only a modest education, had to catch up quickly and began reading six to eight hours a day in her free time, focusing largely on the history and politics of Ul'dah but sneaking a novel in here and there. After a few years with the paper she moved on and found a new job at a publishing company, working as an editor, a job she has to this day.